Hoadly - BX5136 H6

54. The .Realnablene(s quire alfo, that none fhould be admitted Can. 29. as fuch, before they have received the ho- ly Communion; and,therefore,ought not to be reprefented, as if they had taken no manner ofcare about this, but opened a tide door to the Profaning this Solemnity. We confefs our felves fo fhort- fighted , that we cannot plainly difcern how the methodof our Church tends to the Pro- fanin this Ordinance, more than the ad- miniftring it without Sponfours. In the next place, If thefe Parents, in providing what the Church requires ; in offering their Children to Baptifin,with Sponfours; do fuf ciently and effectually tefiifìe their refolution to devote their Children to God ; and this, devoting them in this way be their own Ac`t ; We delire to know, withwhat juftice the Church is taxed withjusling Parents out of their rzg ; and the People incenfed a- gainft it by fuch Phrafes as thefe, as a- gaind an unnatural and cruel oppreffour? Again, If the Faith of the Parents (in all ordinary Cafes) and their providing thefe Sponfours themfelves , and offering their Children to Baptifrn with theft, be fuppofed by our Church ; and be in truth the ground ofthe ádminiftration of this rite in aChri- ftian Country why is theContrary main- tain'd