Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY tain'd and fix'd upon the Church, as if it were the plain declaration, andprofefl'ed doarine of it ? Again, If it be agreeable to the Chriflian Religion, that a Chriflim may folemnly take upon him thegood educa- tionof an Infant ; what need is there of a natural right, or Pofitive Law? and how cones the wantof thefe tobe an objeaion againft a lawful, I may fay, a commend- able anion?Lafl of all,IfthegroTefl abufe of an inflitution in it fe f ufeful (as we take this to be) be not a fufficient argument a- gainft the inflitution; what do you propofe to your felves by arguing from the care,' lefsnefs of Godfathers againft the ufe of them at all ? Were all the Miniflers in the Land forgetful of their MinifterialObli- gations; would it therefore follow that it was not a ufeful thing for them publickly toown thefe obligations when they were madeMiniflers ? Did all who own their Baptifmal Covenant in your way prove the moft carelefs and finful Men after, wards; wouldyou acknowledge the thing it Pelf ufelefs, or lay it afide? yet in this cafe it might be Paid, they were brought to avouch agreat untruth in the face of God and his Church. For you can no more prove that they are fincere, than we can E 4 that 55