Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Realnablenefs that Godfathers are, at the time when they folemnly profefs themfelves as if they were. Bút aboveall, it is very hard, that you fhould {peak here; as if this en- courag'd Parents in a carelefsnefs about their Children ; or as if theChurch took off any part of their duty from them, by providing more effeaually for their Chip- dren's advantage. Góod Parents can ne- ver take advantage from this inifitu- Lion to be unnatural, and carelefs of their Children : Bad Parents may, but then they would have been as carelefs withöut it ; and their Children in a much worfe condition. And though we bewail the little regard many Godfathers have tó the ferious part of their Office (with- out thinking this an argument againft the Church) yet we hope there are force fo fenfible of their obligations, that they omit no opportunity of doing their du- ty. 3. The Third, Fourth, andFifthRea- fons why yOu cannot conform as Mini- ters, are, becaufe this Affent, Confent,and Subfcription, would oblige you to deny Bap- tifm to fuch as had not Sponfours, tho' they had a real right to that Ordinance ; and to the Children offach as mould not permit them