Hoadly - BX5136 H6

of CONFORMITY. them to be fgn'dwith the trament fign of the Crofs ; and to deny the Cornmunton to )(itch as would not receive it I(,neeling. I put thefe three together, becaufe they come tinder the common Head ofTerms ofCom- munion, and Impofitions, againft which your zeal feems chiefly to lye; and be- caufe the argument manag'd under thefe Heads is not fo much defgn d againft the things themfelves, as againft the making themTermsof Communion; the law fuInefs Ofwhich I !hall now confider ; and fo re- move, if I can, thofe objections here brought againft it. Only,' becaufe you have advanc'd fomething againft the ufe of the CroJs in Baptifm, as well as againii the impofing it, I muff take fome notice Of that firit, and then I (hall come to the matter of Impofitions. All your Argument againft this is at laít refolved into thefe three ; that this feemeth to be a new Sacrament ; that it looks as if Baptifmwere not á fufficient Bondwithout this ; nay, at Wt we find it exprefs'd thus, that though the Church bath declared this fign to be in token the perfon (ball not be afhamed &c. yet fince the generality are apt to underítand it that i# viritie andpower of this fign the perfori 57