Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The Realnablenef perfon {hall not-be afhamed, You dare not concur ingiving occafion knowingly offinch a rnif-underfanding to the vulgar and injudi- cious. But give us leave to examinewhat is here objeEed more carefully. One reafon then againft it, is, thatyore dare not concur ingiving an occafton o ffuch a rifun- derflanding to the vulgar and injudicious. You dare not ufe the words in token, be- caufe they may be apt to thinkyoudo not mean in token of fomething fignified, -but in virtue and power of the fign it felf. Now, what endof our differencescan we ever hope for, if fuch methods be taken; if, when there is no reafon againft a thing what is acknowledg'd to be unreafon- able Mall be made an objection againfi it, by thofe very perfons who, in many other cafes, do themfelves knowinglygive occafion of rnif-runderflanding to perfons fomewhat morejudicious than thofe who can underhand words in a fenfe, which it is impof ible they fhould be meant in ? I could give many more infiances, but I will mention but one. Dare you not con- cur in Occafaonal Communion, becaufe fome . of the Vulgar and injudicious, You very well know, have fadmif-underftandings a- bout it ? If youdare, why do you argue here