Hoadly - BX5136 H6

The .deafnablenefs vi fable members for nothing; and cantn thofe over to the uncovenanted mercies of God, whom He (we well know) is ready to receive as his : and fo concur in Petting the will and advice of Man againfl Chrift, who fail Forbid then t not, and was ançry with there who forbad them to come to him. Might not one of them thus ex- prefs himfeif, as well as one of you ? Shall a Minifler dare to withold fo much good from , and endeavour fo much evil to, the Souls of poor infants, in denying them their Chrillendom mealy upon the ac- count offore acceffories, and f crupled ac- cidents, invented, and impofed by man, and not at all of the Effence of Baptifrn it fell? &c. p. 510. and might not they argue as you clop.' 513. We dare not confent to this, becaufe we dare not confent to the altering the Terms of Chrifl's Covenant , and Sacrament ; and to contradict one ofhis fundamental laws. Baptize, faith Chrift, all that are made difcples, all that re- pent, and believe., No, faith the Church of England, Baptize none that arepropos'd, tho' they have all that is nece fart' to make them the dif iples of C hrft, unlefi they, or their Parents would fubrnit to the ufe ofthis particular form of Prayer at the time of Baptifm.