Hoadly - BX5136 H6

'ofCONFORMITY. Baptifm. This is a rnanifefl encroachment upon the kingly power of our Saviour, in making new Terms of Communion, which we dare not concur in; a turning the keys upon thofe whom Chrifl is ready to receive ; and apofitive rejecting fuch as He requires us to Baptize. And this (as light as the Church makesof it , and they who can joyn with the Church in this) is in our e- fleema fin ofan high nature, andfo would our contenting to it too. The fame may be faid with ref-pea to a particular Form ofPrayer at the time of the adminiffration of the Holy Commu- nion: for a perfon who fcruples joyniqg in that, is as much excluded from the Communion, as He who fcruples Kneeling But I add farther, Suppofing the Gayer- nears of the Church appoint the Morning, as the particular time for the receiving the Holy Sacrament ; and forme fhould fcruple this (as it has, aaually happen- ed)we defire you would confider whe- ther the fame arguments may not be uf- ed againft the impofrg this (which yet you approve of) as you here produce againft complying with the Church that impofes kneeling, p. 514. For may not they who i huld minifler to thefe fcrupu- F 4 10114 7