Hoadly - BX5136 H6

7 The Reafnablenef tous perfons thus apologize for their Non- conformity? We dare not content to this, becaufe this is a depriving Chri(1's members of their right ; an ufurpation upon mens con- fciences ; and a tearing the Church by divi.. ding engines ; becaufe this would be obliging our Elves to deny the Communion to the people, on the account of their not daring to go againfi the inflitution of Chri1i, the prac`lice of his Apeles and the primitive univerfal Church ; to deny the Communion to foch as the Holy Ghofi bath required us to receive to it : andbecaufe this is an im- pofan- on the Church things antecedently un- necefury upon the highefi penalty , viz : Exclufaun from Communion; ; a crong that great rule cf Charity, I will have mercy and not facrifice ; and a ufang that power to Deflruclion, which was given to be ufed to Edification. Even thole of us, who can- not charge the celebration of the Sacrament in the morning asfnful, areyet afraidoffex- cluding others onfuch an account as that, by 'eafan it isfarfrom beingfo neceffary a mat- ter, but that the Church, and the due adminifration of the Sacrament may be preferv'd without it. Andwithall, Perfons might have a very good reafon to be back- ward to yield to the altering of that Tim e