Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

iv A Preface. inclin'd to the negativeref , I would re in nothing Ihort of the plaineíf De- monftration : For I am to difpute againil Mankind! and Eternity hangs upon it ! If I misjudge, I run counter to the Common Sentiments of all the World, and I am loft for ever. The Oppofers of it havenothing but Incli- nation to oppofe to it, with a bold Jeff now and then. But if I confider the unrefuted Demonftrationsbrought for it, with the Confequencies, Religion is the laft thing in all the World upon which I would adventure to break a jeft. And I would ask fucb as have attempted to argue againft it: Have their ftrongeft Arguments conquer'd their Fear? Have they no Sufpicion left, that the other fide of the Quetti- on may prove true ? They have done all they can, by of- ten repeating their faint defpairing Wi(hes, and the Mutterings of their Hearts, no God! no God! to " make themfelves believe there is none ; when yet the reftlefs Tailings to and fro of their uneafy Minds; their tasking and t turing that little refidue of Wit and mon Senfe, which their Riot hath left them ( the excefr of which latter, as