Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 87 at the firft fight. For befides that youmuff needs acknowledge it bet- ter to live ofonesfelt, than tobe be- holden to another. You mull alto know, that whatever Being is not of itfelf, hath noExcellency in it, but what was in that Being that was of itfelfbefore. And therefore, it had in it, all the Excellency that is in filch things as proceeded from it (un- abated becaufe in it needfully) to- gether with the proper Excellency of its own Being, whereas the otherfort ofBeings, have but their own de- riv'd Excellency only. Wherefore this, alfo, is moft evident, that, this World had a Maker di.fliafrom, and more excellent than it felf, that changes not, and whereto that Name molt properly agrees, I AM THAT I AM. Being lure of this, you may pro- ceed, and conclude, 4. That the things which are ma- nifeftly not oftheinfelves, but created and made, do plainly (hew that the Maker of themBoth excel in Power, Wiflo.n, and Goodness. 0 4. The