Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

SS The Lh:417g Temple. Part IL 1 The Greatnefs of his Works thews his mighty Powers The Nature, Exa&nefs, and Order of them, his admira- ble Wifdom 5 And his own Se/f-fUfficiency, and indepen- dency on the things made, thew his rich and vafi Good- nefs in making them, as you may fee more at large in Part ilL Now therefore, if you have attend- ed, you cannot but find you are fitre, and at a plain Certainty, concerning thefe four things. (i.)Thatfouterphat was ever, and is neceffarily. (2.) That what was not fo, did aril& from that which was. (3.) That this World be- ing notfo, did thereforefpringfrom that eternal, neceffary, felgublifling Being. (4. ) And that this Being bath thofe par- ticular Excellencies, whereofthere are the manifefl Appearances and Footfieps, in he Works that are made by him, (viz. 4eeiallyPower, Wifdony andGoodnefr) 347 iraje'lf. Apci L.