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Part IL The Living Temple. S9 And thus the invifble things of him from the Creation ofthe World are clearly Rom. i. fen, being underflood by the things that `O' are made, even his eternal Power and Godhead ; So that they (who fee them not) are without excufe. If you be fure that any thing is, you may be lure fomewhat was ever of it felf If you be fure, any thing that was not of itfelf, bath appearances ofPower, Wifdom, and Goodnefs in the frame of it, youmay be fure, that Being which was of it felf, is the powerful, wife, and good, Creator, and Maker of it. It is to be hoped then, you are at a. certainty, THAT GOD IS. 2. And now as to the Second Prim. ciple, that bath been inGífed on allo in theformer Part, THAT THIS GOD IS CONVER- SABLE WITH MEN. You cannot furely doubt, but that he that made you, and gave you all that, any way, belongs to your Being, can IIL