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Part U. The Living Temple. To And that we may be the more fully put out ofdoubt, how eafy it is to him do fo ; we are affured that he is every whereprefent, that hefills Hcaven and Earth, that theHeaven, andHeaven of Heavens, cannot contain him, that there is nogoingfrom his Spirit, orflyingfrom his Prefence ; that if one go up to .Rea - ven, he is there ; lie down in Hell, he is there ; go to the utternrofi part of the Sea, yet there his Hand fliall lead, and his right handhold them. And that all Doubt mayvanilla, con- VL cerning his Will, andgracious Inclina- tion ; how exprefly cloth he make himfeif known by this Name ? viz. That he is the Lord, the Lord God, mer- Exod. 34. cifeel, and gracious, longfuffering, and 7° abundant in Goodnefs and Truth, &c. And by the famebleffed, and infpired, Penman of a part of there holy Wri- tings (thebeloved Difciple, who lay in the Bofom of his only begotten Son ; who, allo, is in the Bofom of the Fa- ther, and hash declared him )we are not only told, that God is Light, whereby the knowledge, purity, fimplicity, and glory of the Divine Being are reprefent- à-U 3 ed,