Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

3 4 The Living Temple. Part H. fee or fufpe&t that they bate him, while they are not urg'd to Self-reflec`ii- on, and, when they are, hardly admit a Convi&ion that they do : Yet the Matter carries its own Evidence with it. And would loon be put beyond a queflion, if Men were willing to un- derftand the Truthof their own Cafe. For whence elfe do they fo flowly en- tertain the knowledge of God! when the whole Earth is full of his Glory When fo rrianifeft Prints, and Foot - fteps of his Wijdom, Power, andGood- nef.f, do offer themfelves to view in every Creature ; whence can it be but that they like not to retain him in their Rem. a. knowledge. And that their veryHearts fay to him, Depart from us,. we defre job 21! not the knowledge of thy Ways ? Why is fo bright a Light not obferv'd, but that it fhines amidtt a malignant Darknefs, that refilling, comprehends it not ? Why are theThoughts of God fo unplea4 fant to Men and unfrequent ì' That when one would ibppofe noThoughts ihould l e foobvious, none fo welcorn, el it is become the Character of an un, Pry n. renewed Man to forget God, or not to 'Via! _o 1 _ae h;m i?z ail' his Thoughts ? Why do 9 r:er. ate lifie Isis /cauain-a te? Live