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Part II. The Living Temple. t 3 5 voluntary Strangers to him all their Days ? And as without him in theEPhef.zo World ? Why are Men foavcrf to trul him, and turn to him, even upon fo mighty Afiurances ? What makes them fhy to take his word, but rather count him a Lyar? Tho' they know it in- confiCtent with his Nature, and can form no Notion ofGod, without in- chiding this Conception therein that he cannot lye, when as yet, they can ordì- narily truft one another ; tho' there be fo much colour to fay, All Men are Lyars ? Why do they refìfl his Arutho- cityagainít which they cannot clifpute ? And difobeyhis Commands, unto which they cannot devife to frame an Excep- tion ? What, but theSpirit of Enmity, can make them regret fo eafy a Toke, re- je& fo light a Burden, fhun and fly off from fo peaceful and pleafant Paths? Yea, and take Ways that fo manifeftly take hold ofHell, and lead down to the Chambers of Death, rather chuing to perifh, than obey ?. Is not this the very height ofEnmity? What further proof would we feek of a difaffeCted, and im- placable Heart ? Yet to all this, we may (-aft in that fearful Addition, their lay- ing in their heart, ---No God, q. d. O Pfal.14.; K. 4 that