Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

i 36 The Living Temple. Part II. that there were none ! This is Enmity, not only to the higheft pitch ofWicked- nefs, to with their common Parent ex- tint, the Author of their Being ; but even unto Madnefs it fe;f. For in the forgetful Heat of this Tranfport, it is not thought on that they with the molt Jib/Ate impoffibility, and that, if it were pof ible, they with with his the extin& ion of their own, and of allBe- ing, and that the S'enfe of their Hearts put into Words, would amount to no lefs than a direful and molt horrid Ex- ecration and Curfe upon God, and the whole Creation ofGod at once ! As if by the Blasphemy of their poifonous Breath, they would wither all Nature, blaft the whole Univerfe ofBeing,and make it fade, languifh, and drop into no- thing. This is to fet their Mouth as gainil Heaven and Earth, themfelves, and all things at once, as if they thought their feeble Breath fhould o- verpower the omnipotent Word, (hake ard fhiver the adamantine Pillars of Heaven and Earth, and the Almighty Fiat he defeated by their Nay ftrik- in at the Root of all ! So fitly is it faid, The Fool hash in ;pis Heart mut.- ter'd thus ! Nor are there few fuch Fools