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A Preface. xix imagine Trees and, Men f eaIing alike, Schol. 2. confóund the Divine Nature with then Prop. .Turane, &C. i , Part Who would imagine this to be the complaining Voice of one fo induftri oufly labouring tomingle Heaven and Earth ! and to make God, and Men, and Beaffs and Stones, and Trees all one and the fame individual Substance! And now let us confider the Rea- fon of that Afiertion of his; why taro Schol. in Attributes really difin ', do not col/Ili-Prop. la, tute tiro Beings, or two diftinel Subftan- ces ; becauf, faithhe, 'tis ofthe nature ofSubftance that each of its Attributes be conceived by itfelf, &c. A marvellous Reafon ! DiversAttributes,each where- of, as before, conIiitures theEffence of Substance, do not make.divers Subftan- ces; becaufe thofe Attributes may be conceiv'd apart from each other, and are not produced by one another. It was too plain to need a Proof, (as was obferved before) that there cannot be two Subftances ofone Attribute, or of one Effence, (as his Notion of an At- tribute is) io e. two are not one. But that twoAttributes or Effences ofSub- fiance, cannot make two Subftances, becaufe they are divers, is very furpri- fingl ,