Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

8 The Living Temple. t'art Yte things elfe, is however, evinced to be an abfolutely perfect Being, And particular- ly, a neceffaryfelfexRent Mind or Spiriti which is therefore, a moft apparently fit, and mofl deferving Object of Religion, or of the Honour of a Temple, which is the Sum of what we were concern'd for. Nor needed we be folicitous; but that theVnity, or Onlinefs, of the necefary Beingwould, afterwards, be madeappear, as alfo we think it was. For fince the whole 2iniverfe ofpro-, cluced Being, muff arife out of that which Was neceffary felf- exiflent Being, it mutt therefore comprehend all Being in itfelf, its own, formàlly,azld eminently, alÍother, i, e. what was its own, being formally its own, nmfì be eminentir alfo all Being el,cóntain'd in allpoffible iniplicity,with in the Productive Power ofits own. This Being therefore, containing; in it Leif, all that exi/ls neceffarily, with the Power of producing all the refs which, together, make up all Bei;,, can primarily be but One, inafmuch as there_can be but One All. Upon the whole therefore, our gene- ral Propojition is fufficiently evident, and but ofqueftion, That [Whatever exifl.s neceffarily, and of it f lf, is abfolutely Per- fei. Nor