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2o The Living Temple. Part II. things as have nothing Common between then,, the one ofthem cannot be the -cattfe of the other] which depends upon two LifeSuppofitions, r. [l hat there can be tiro things, which have nothing Common between them] ; which, as hash beenno- ted, conntPadicls itfel and needs not be further flood upon. 2. [That whatfoc- ver l burgs are (aufe and Lffécf, the one to the other, nm& be mutually underftood iy one another] which we fhall'here more ditlin6tly confider, it being allo his 2d. Demon ftration of the Corollary of this his 6th. Propofition (which nothing but a Difpofition toTrifle, or having nothing to lay, ' could have made him mention, as a Corollary from this Propo//tion, it be- ing, in e$é&, but a Repetition of the fame thing) viz. [That if one Subflance can be produc'd by another (Agent, or Sub- fiance, which you pleafe) the Knowledge of it miufi depend upon the Knowledge of its Cauf (by the4th. Axiom) and thereupon (by De..n. 3d.) it Mould not be a Sub- fiance.] We are here to confider, Ill. This his 4th. Axiom, [That the Knowledge ofan Effeíl, depends upon the Knowledge of its Caufe, and doth involve it.] An Effeel may be confider'd two ways, ".Abfolutely, as it is in it felt, or Re- latively, as it is the efec of an Efcient Caufi.