Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

Part II. The Living Temple. 2 i Caufe. It cannot, 'tis true, be under- flood to be the efee of filch an Efficient, but the Knowledge that this was it.; Efi- eient, is involv'd therein for 'tis the fame thing, and fo much may be known, without knowing any thing of the Na- ture, of either the Efficient or Efee. But this fignifies nothing to his Pur- pofe. He mull, therefore, mean, that the Knowledge of an Effect, abfolutely con- fided, and in its own Nature, depends upon, and involves, the Knowledge of theNature of its Efficient. Surely, the Nature ofa thing may be competently known by its true Definition. But is theEfficient Caufe, wont to be uni- verfallyput intoDefinitions ? He tells us himfelf (Schol. 2. upon Propofition 8.) A true Definition contains, or expreffes, nothing, befdes the nneer Nature of the thing defined. And let any Man, that thinks it worth it, be at the Pains, toex- amine his own Definitions in the feveral Parts of this Ethico-Geometrical Trae, and fee whether he always puts the Ef- ficient Cat f into every Definition. And (no doubt) he thought himfelf to De- fine accurately. If all other Men, who have fo generally reckon'd the Efficient and End, External Caufs, andonly Mat- C3 ter