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Part II. The Living Temple. 27 [EveryAttribute of Sub lance ought to be conceiv'd by itfell]. There the Defini- tionof Subftance, is given to every Attri- bate ofSubitanee 5 therefore, every Attri- bute of Subjgance, is a Subjtance, fence the DefinitionofSubftance, to which he re-Defj 3. fern us, in the ]ìemoffration of that Pro- pofition, agrees to it; therefore, fo many Attributes, fo many Subftances. What canbe plainer ? We, have then his one Subfiance mui tiply'd into an infinite MN- her ofSubliances. By his 6th. Definition.. we ihall fee his own Confefion of this Con- fequence, by and by. And whereas in this Schol. he would make us believe, that tho' Modifications, Men may con eive as not exiting, kg Sub- fiances they cannot. Let the reafon of this affign'd Difference be confider'd ; That by Subftance they muff underhand that which is in it f lf, and is conceived by it f, lf, its Knowledge not needing the Know- ledge of another thing. But by Modifica- tions they arc to underfiand that which is in another, and whof Conception isfirmed by the Conception ófthat thing inwhich they are : Wherefore, we can have true Ideas of not - exfing Modifications inafmuch tho' they may not aCivally exill, other wife than in the ZJnderfandíng ; yet their Fjnce isfo comprehended in another, that they