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28 The Living Temple. Part IL they may be conceived by the fame. But the 1ruth of Subflances is not othevwife without the Underflanding, than in them- fives, becaufe they are conceiv'd by them- felves, &c. Which Reafon is evidently, no . Reafon. For with thefame Clearnefs, wherewith I conceive a Subftance, whenfoever it ex- ists, as exfiing in it felf; I conceive a Modification, whenfoever it exifts, as exifling in another. If, therefore, any thing exifting in another, be as truly ex- liking, as exifting in it felf, the Exittence of a *fiance is nomore neceffary, than theExiftence of a Modification. And if we can have true Idea's of not-exifling Modifications, we may have as true, of not-exfling Subftances. Efpecially fince (according tohim) we cannot conceive of Subflance, without conceiving in it force or other Modification. For he tells us, the .offence ofModifications isfo comprehended in another, that they ;nay be conceived by the fame. Now, what means he by, the Ejnce ofModifications being comprehend- ed in another? By that other, he muff mean Snbfiance : For Modifications do modify Subflances, or nothing ; and if the Fjfcnces of Modifications be contain'd. in Subflances, they muff (according to him 1a° contain'd in the Uwe of Sub- '. .zncEs. For