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Part II. The Living Temple. 29 For there is, faith he, nothing in Na- ture, betides Subflances, and their Af_fèiti- ons, or Modifications , (Demonffr. of Prop. 4th, and Defin. 5th.) Therefore, fence nothing can be conceiv'd in Sub- fiance, antecedent to thefe Modifications, betides its own Naked Effence, they mull be contain'd, immediately, in the very Efence ofSubflance, or in Subfiance itfelt wherefore, ifall Subffance be nece/farily exiftent, they muff be necefJarily inexifent. And if the Ence of Subftance, contains the inexifing Modi, the Efence of the Modi, loth, equally, contain their in- exiftence in Sibftance. Whereupon, by Confequence alto, the'Efence of thefe Modifications, doth as much involve Ex- iftence (fence no one can deny Inexifience, to be x f enee) as the Effence of Sub- fiance doth, in direct Contradiction to Prop. 24. which exprefly (andmòff tru- ly) lays, The Efnce of Things produced by God (which he, as untruly, intends of thefe Modifications alone) do not in- volve Exitenee. And now for his Notanda in this Schol. by whichhe would conclude, that there is no other than this one infinite Subfante pag. in Being. 'Tis true, indeed, . that the Definition of a thing (which we have before Paid: is of fpeeifîck Natures, not of 3rò