Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

3o The Living Temple. Part IL of Individuals) expréfres not any certain number ofexîfiing Individuals (be it Mani Or Triangle, or what elfe you pleafe) nor any at all. For Purely the Definition of Man, or Triangle, would be the fame, if every individual of each, íhould be a- bolifht, and ceafe. But that, if any do exit, Tome Caiir muff be afEgnable, why they exit , and why fo many only. What is to be inferr'd from this ? That the rea- fon being the fame, as to every Sub- ftance, whole Effence involves not Exi- fEence in it (which that the Effence of e- very Subftance doth, or of Sub:fance, as fuch, he hath not prov'd, nor ever can) when any fuch Subftance is found to exitt, the Ca: f of its Fxiftence, nOt being in its own Nature, muff be external. And therefore, fo many, only do exiff, becaufe a free Agent, able to produce them (for the very Subfante of created Beings it felf, owes not its Produftion to a meetly Natural undefigning, or to anyfubordinateAgent only) was pleated to produce fo many, and no more. And fo hath this unhappy Author himf, If, with great Pains, and Sweat, reafon'd out for us the very thing we affert. But that it may be further feen, how incurious a Writer this Man of Demonfira- tion is, and how fatally, while he is dé- fgnin