Howe - B3999 R4 H68 1702

54 The Living Temple. Part II. Imperfections ofMatter belong not to him; nor ofany thing elfe. For Im- perfection is nothing : Nor do the Per- fections of any Creature, belong to himformally, or in thefamefpecial kind, but eminently, and in an higher, and more noble kind. And fo, to have all 'Being and Perfettion, either for his own, or within his productive Power, cannot, without Contradiction, be de- ny(' of him, who is confeft to beGod. And again, to be able to create, is, fure, a Perfection. Omnipotency, more a PerfeEion, than partial Impotency. Wherefore to affert matter could not be created by God, is to affert an im- potent, imperfect God. Or (fence God can beconceived under no other Notion, than. of 4 Being abfolutely perfect) to af- fert none at all, . This Suppofition not onlydenies to God all Perfection but it afcribes to matter, which he himfelf confeffes the meanes`lfort ofBeing (as fhortly it will be fitter to take farther notice) the high Excellency offelffibfrfiance. thefirs, and moft fàtndamental, of all Divine Pe fectionso