Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

, 4 42 fhe Gofpel-Illyiery Direa. %III fuch an imaginary falvation, as confifteth not at all in holinefs, but onl.yin forgivenefs of fin, and deliver- ance from everlaling torments. Theywould be free from the punifhment due to fin; but they love their lulls fo well, that they hate holinefs, and would not be faved from the fervice of fin. Theway to oppofe this pernicious delufion is, not to deny, as fore do, that trufting on Chrift for falvation is a laving aét of faith; but rather to thew, that none do or can truft on Chrift for true falvation, except they truft on him for holinefs: neither do they heartily defre true fal- vation, if they do not delire to be made holyand righ- teous in their hearts and Ines. If ever God and Chrift give you falvation, holinefs will be one part of it; if Chrift wafh you not from the filth of your fins, you have no part with him, John xiii. $. What a ftrange kindof falvationdo they delre, that care not for holinefs ? They would be Paved and yet be alto- gether dead in fin, aliens from the life of God, bereft of the image of God, deformedbythe image ofSatan, his llaves, and vafrals to their own filthy lufts, utter- ty unmeet for the enjoyment of God inglory. Such a falvation as that was never purchafed by the blood of Chrift; and thofe that feek it abufe the grace of God in Chrift, and turn it into lafcivioufnefs. They would be faved by Chrift, and yet out of Chrift in a fiethly ftate: whereas God Both free none from con. demnation, but thofe that are in Chrift, that walk not after the flefh, but after the Spirit: or elfe they would divide Chrift and take a part of his falvation, and leave out the refl; but he is not divided, r Cor. 1. 13. They would have their fins forgiven, not that they may walk with God in love in time to corne, but that theymaypraftífe their enmity againft him, with- out any fear of punifliment. But let them not be de- ceived, God is not mocked. They underftand not what true falvation is, neither were they ever yet throughlyfenfible of their loft elate, and of thegreat evil of fin; and that which they truft on Chrift for,