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tired. IX. Of SanN cati®n. r43 is but an imuinationof their ownbrains; and there.. fore their truiti_ng is grofs prefumption. True gofpel faithmakethus come toChrift with a thirfty appetite, that we may drink of living water, even of his fanai- fying Spirit, John vii. 37, 38. and to cryout earneft. ly, to fave us, not only from hell, but from fia; lay- ing, " Teach us to do thy will; thy Spirit is good, Pfa. cxliii Io. Turn thou me and I (hall be turned, 66 Jer. xxxi IS. Create in me a clean heart, OGod, it and renew a right fpirit within me," Pfal. li. io. This is the way whereby the doarine of falvation by grace doth neceffiitate us to hol.inefs of life, by conftraining us to Peek for it by faith in Chrift, as a fubftantial part of that falvation which is freely giv- en to us through him. DIRECTION IX. Tire muf fir/i receive the comforts of the Gofpel, that we may beable toperform f ncerely the Du- ties of the Law. EXPLICATION. SINCE man fell from obedience to God, which he was enabled and engaged to perform by the Comforts of his firft happy (late in paradife,, God might have juftly refufed ever to give man again any comforts beforehand, to encourage him to his duty; that the way to holinefs being hedged up againft him with the thorns and briars of fear, grief and defpair, he might neverbe able to efcape the fentence of death which was denounced againft his firft tranfgreflion. This juftice of God is manifeft in the method of the legal covenant, wherein God promifeth us no life, comfort or happinefs, until we have thoroughly per formed his law; and may be feen in the mount Sinai promulgation, explicated, Lev, xxvi. throughout,