Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

Dire . X. Of SanEtfcation. 1179 we [hall be driven to omit the duty, or not to per- form it rightly or fincerely. Can we judge ourfelvea already in a ¡fate ofgrace by the reflex at of faith, if we do not find, that we perform thefe duties, at lealt' feveral of them, fincerely; or, if we do not find, that we have fuch a holy faith as Both enable or in- cline us to the performance of them ? And can we be thusenabled and inclined by any faith that is with- out fome true affurance of our ftivation ? There- fore, l conclude, that we muff neceffarily have tome affurance of our falvation in the direst ad of faith, whereby we are juftified, fa.naified, and faved, be- fore we can, upon any good ground, mure ourfelvea, that we are already in a Rate ofgrace, by that which they call the reflex att, Give me fuch a faving faith as will produce fuch fruits as thefe No other faith will work by love ; and therefore will not avail to falvation in Chain, Gal. v. 6. The apoftle James putteth thee upon {hewing thy faith by thy works, jam. ii. r 8. And, in this trial, this faith of affur- aace cotneth offwith high praife and honour. When God called his people to work outward miracles by it, all things have been poflïble to them; and it bath frequently brought forth fuch works of righteouf nefs, as may be defervedly efi.eemed great fpiritual miracles. From hence bath proceeded that heroic fortitude of the people of God, whereby their abfo- lute obedience to God bath fhined forth in doingand fufl=ering thole great things which are recorded in the holy fcripture ,, and in the hiltories of the church. And if we be ever called to the fiery trial, as Pro- teftants formerly were, we ¡hall find their do 1rìne of alfurance will encourage us in fulfering for the fake of Chrift. Seventhly, The contrary doarine, which exclud- eth affurance out of the nature of laying faith, bring- eth forth many evil fruits. It tendeth to bereave our fouls of all alfurance of our falvation, and folid com- fort, which is the life of religion, by placing them Z 2