Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

I?c ,robe Gfpel-Myffery Iireft. X. after fincereuniverfal obedience; whereas, if wehave the-m not first, we can never attain to this obedience, nor to any affurance that dependeth on it, as hath been proved. And this, as far as it prevails, makes us fubje£t to continual doubtings concerningour fal- vationi and to tormenting fears of wrath, which cats- eth out true love to God, and can produce ^no bet- ter than fjavifh hypocritical fervice. It is one of the principal pillars whereby manifold fuperftitions in Popery are fúpported, as their monkith orders, their fatisfa&ions for fin by works of penance, bodily may cerations, whippings, pilgrimages,indulgences, truft- ing on the merits of faints, &c. When once men have loft the knowledge of the right way to affure them, felves of falvation, they will catch at any flraw, to a- void drowning ii the gulph -of defpair. _ This is noway to adminifter any folid comfort to the wounded fpirits of thofe that fee themfelves void of all holinefs, under the wrath and curfe of God, dead in fin, not able fo much as to think a good thought.' You do but increafe their terror and an- guifh, if you tell them, they mutt first get faith and obedience; and, when they find they have done that, they may perfuade themfelves, that God will receive them into his grace and favour: Alas ! they know that they cannot believe nor obey, except God affi(t theme with his grace and favour. And what if they be even at the point of death, ftruggling withdeath's pangs, fo that they have no time or leifure toget good qualifications,and examine the goodnefs ofthem. You muff have a more fpeedy way to comfort fuch, by difcovering to them the free prornife ;s of faivation . to the worft of fanners by faith in Chrift, and by ex- horting them to apply thofe promifes, and truft on Chrift confidently for remiffion of fins, holinefs and glory ; affuring them álfo, that God will help them to believe fincerely on Chrift, if they delire it with all their hearts, and that it is their duty to believe" becaufe God commands it.