Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

pirea. X. of Sanh`tf rcation. l e Severalother evils are occafoned by the fame doc- trine. Men areunwilling toknow the worft of them- (elves, and prone to think their qualifications better than they are, that they may avoid defpair. Others . pleafe and content themfelves without any affurance of their intereft in Chrift, becaufe they think that it is not neceffary to falvation, and that but few attain to it : andin this they thew little love to Chrifti or to their own fouls. Some fofter doubting of falvation as figns of humility, though they will hypocritically complain of them. Many mifpend their time in por- ing upon their ownhearts, to find out force evidence of their intereft in Chrift, when they fhould rather be employed in receiving Çhrift, and walking in himo . by a confident faith. Some are troubled with doubts, whether they fhould call God Father, and what apprehenfions they fhould have of him in prayer, and are offended at minifters, that, in their public prayers, ufe any .expreffions that the people cannot join in ; as when they do own God as their God and Father, and Chrift, as their Saviour: and upon the fame account, they are offended at the public finging of many of David's pfalms, and avoid partaking of the Lord's supper, becaufe they are not fatisfied about their in- terett in Chrift. Though true believers have force affurance of fal- vation in faving faith itfelf, yet it is much weakened in many by thiscontrary doctrine, and affaulted with many doubtings; and then other good qualifications mutt needs be low and weak together with it, and fo ohfcure, that it is very hard todifcern them. How hard a thing thenwill it be for true believers to affure themfelves, by the certain knowledge of their own linearity, that they are in a (tate of grace already, wvhich force fay is the only affurance of faith? Some prefcribe fuch marks and figns toditinguifh fiucerity from hypocrify, that believers cannot fufficiently try .themfelves by them, except they have more know- ledge and experience than ordinary.