Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

112 i'lie Gofpel--117y ftery T.? ire{,i. XI. rihus many believers walk heavilyin the bitternefs of their foals, confli }ing with fears and doubtiugs all their days. And this is the caufe that they have fo little courage and fervency of fpirit in the ways of God; that they fo much mind earthly things, and are fo afraid of fufferings and death: and, if they get fome aWurance by the reflex aa of faith, they often foon loofei.againby fins and temptations. The way to a- void thefe evils, is, to get your affurance, to maintain it, and renew it on all occafions by the direst adi of faith, by trusting affuredly on the name of the Lord, and flaying yourfelf upon your God, when you walk in darknefs, and fee no light in any of your own qua- lifications, Ea 1. to. I doubt not but the experience of choice Çhriflians will bear witnefs to this truth. DIREÇTION XI. Endeavour diligently to pe rrm the great Work of believing on Chrft, in a right Manner, with- cut any Delay, and then afo to continue and in, creafe in your Asa ft holy Faith ; thatfoyour En, joyment ofhim, Union and Fellowlhip with him, and all Holinfs by him, may be begun, continu- ed, and increafed in you EXPLICATION. AV1NG already difcovered to you the power- ful andeffeaual means of anholy praaice, my remaining work is, to lead you to the aûual exercife and improvement of them, for the immediate attain- ment of the end. And I think, it may be clearly per ceived by theforegoingdireí`fions, that faith inChrift is the duty with which a holy life is to begin, and by which the foundation of all other holy duties is laid in the foul. It is before {efficiently proved, that