Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

pinta. XL Of SanEjficatian. 183 Chrift himfelf, with all endowments necelfary to e- nable us to an holy pradlice, is received aaually in- to our hearts by faith. This is the uniting grace, whereby the ¶Spirit of God knitteth the knot of myf- tical marriage between Chrift and us, and m.aketh us branches of that noble vine: members of that bo- dy, joined to that excellent head ; living Hones of that fpiritual temple, built upon the precious living corner ftone, ..nd lure foundation; partakers of the bread and drink that carne dowse from heaven, and giveth life to the world. This is the grace whereby we pals from our corrupt natural fate, to a new ho- ly mate in Chrift, alfo from death in fin, to the life of righteoufnefs, and whereby we are comforted, that fo we may be eftabliihed in every good word and work. If we put the queftion, " What mull we do, " that we may work the works of God?" Chrift re- fclveth it, that we " believe on him whom he bath " fent," John vi. 23, 29. He puttcth us firft upon the work of believing which is the work of God by way of eminency, the work of works, becaufe all o-. titer good works proceed from it. The Firft thing in the prefent elireuion, is, toput you upon the performance of this great work of be- lieving on Chrift, and to guide you therein, For you are to confider diftinaly four things contained in it. r. The Fire, is, You are to make it your diligent endeavour toperform the great work of believing oíî Chrift. Many make little confcience of this duty.. It is not known by natural light, as many moral du- ties are, but only by funernatural revelation in the gofpel, and it is foolifhnefs to the natural man. Thefe are fosnetimes terrified with apprehenfions of other fins, and will examine themfeives concerning them : and it may be, will write them down, to help their memories and devotion. But the great fin of not be. keying on Chrift, is feldom thought of in their felf- examinations, or regiftered in the large catalogues of their fins,. And even thole who are convinced, that