Marshall - BT765 M37 1788

84 Th Cofpel-Itlyllery binea. XL. believing on Chrift is a dutynecefFary to falvation, do negleCt all diligent endeavours to perform it: either becaufe they account that it is a motion of the heart which may be eafily performed at any time, without any labour or diligent endeavours: or, on the contra- ry,becaufè they account it as difficult as all the works of the law, and utterly impoffible for them to perform by their molt diligent endeavours, except the Spirit of God work it in them by his mighty power; and that therefore it is in vain for them to work, until they feel this working of the Spirit in their hearts or beeaufe they account it a duty fo peculiar to the elect, that it would be prefumption for them to en- deavour the performance of it, until they know them- filves to be elected to eternal life through Chrift. I thall urge you to diligent performance of this duty, notwithftanding all thefe impediments, by the fol- lowingconfideration. It is worthy of our bell endea- vours, as appeareth by the precioufnefs, excellency and neceffity of it already difcovered. if the light of nature were not darkened in the matters of falvation, it would Phew us, that we can- not of ourfelves find out the way of falvation, and would condemn thofe that defpife that revelation of the way of falvation that God hath given us in the gofpel, declared in the holy fcriptures. The great end of preachingthe gofpel, is for the obedience of faith, Ro. i. 5. that fo we may be brought to Chrift, and all other obedience. Yea, the great end of all revealed do&rines in the whole fcripture, is, to " make us " wife unto falvation by faith that is inChrift Jefus," 2 Tim. iii. i 5. The "end of the law given by Mofes, " was for righteoufnefs toevery one that believesh," Ro. x. 4. and Chrift was that end for righteoufnefs: The moral law itfelf was revealed, in order to our falvation by believing on Chrift ; or elfe the know ledge of it had nothing availed fallen man, that was unable to perform it. Therefore they that flight the duty of believing, and account it fooliflanefs,do there.