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mires I$. f SancC?;fication 3a might aa contrary to it if be would as we may be prevailed upon to do fome things contrary to our'natural inclinations : and it is eafy to f=ril of our duty, though great preparation and furniture . be required for the performance of it The fecond Adam alfo, the Lord jefus Chrift, was horn an holy thing, Luke i. 35. with an holy difpofiron of his foul, and propenfity to goodnefse And can we reafonably hope to arife to the life of holinef,, from which the firfì Adam fell, or to be imitators of Chrift, fince duty is made fo difficult by the fall, if we be not renew=ed in a meafure according to the fame image of God, and enabled with fuch a pro- peni ty and inclination ? Thirdly, Original . corruption (whereby we are stead to God and godlinefs from the birth, and made wilt ng, flaves to the performance of all actual fins, Until the Son of God make us free) confifteth in a propenfity and inclination of the heart to fin, and averfenefs to holinefs Without this propenfity to fin, what can that law offin in our members be, that warreth aga,inji the law of our mind, and leacLth ús captive to thefervice of, fn p Doni. vii. 23. What is that poifon in us, for which men may be called ferpents vipers? What is that fpirit of whoredoms in men, by reafon of which, they will not frame their doings to tarn to God? Hofea n }. now is the tree firfl corrupt, and then its fruit Corrupt ? Matth. :di. 33. How can man be laid to be abominable and filthy, that drinketh iniquity like water ? job. xv. i 6s. Row fhould the mind of the liefh be continual enmity to the law of God ? Rom. xiii. 7,. I know there is alto a blindnefs of urderftanding, and other things belonging to origi- nal corruption, which conduce to this evil propenfity Of the will but yet this propenfity itfelf is the great evil, the indwelling fin, which produced: all actual fins; and muff of neceffity be removed or reftrained, by reftoring that contrary inclination, wherein the I'