Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

L'A L L E G R 0: 0 R, T H E CHEARFUL MERRY MAN. HENCE loathed melancholy, Of Cerberus and blackeft midnight born, In Stygian cave fo; lorn 'Mongil horrid fhapes, and (bricks, and fights unholy, Find our fome uncouth cell, Where brooding darknefs fpreads his jealous wings, And the night-raven fings There under ebon thades and low-brow'd rocks, As ragged as thy locks, In dark Cimmerian defert ever dwell. 10 But come thou Goddefs fair and free, InHeavin ycleap'd Euphrofyne, And by men, heart-eating mirth, Whom lovely Venus at a birth With two lifter graces more To ivy-crowned Bacchus bore ; Or whether (as fome lager fang) The frolic wind that breathes the fpring, Zephyr with Aurora playing, As he met her once a Maying, 20 There on beds of violets blue, And frefh-blown roles wa(h'd in dew, Fill'd her with thee a daughter fair, So buxom, blithe, and debonair. Hafte thee nymph, and bring with thee 25 Jett and youthful jollity, Q2_ips and cranks, and wanton wiles, Nods