Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

446 L'A L L E -G R 0, Nods and becks, and wreathed fmiles, Such as hang on Hebe's cheek, And love to live in. dimple fleek ; - Sport that wrinkled care derides, And laughter holding both his fides, Come, and trip it as you go On the light fantattic toe, And in thy right hand lead with thee, The mountain nymph tweet Liberty ; And if 1 give thee honor due, Mirth, admit me of thy crew To live with her, and live with thee, In unreproved pleafures free ; To hr he lark begin his flight, And tinging Hartle the dull night, From his watch-tow'r in the fides, Till the dappled dawn doth rife ; Then to corn in fpite of forrow, And at my window bid good morrow, Through the fweet-briar, or the vine, Or the twilled eglantine While the cock with lively din Scatters the rear of darknels thin, And to the flack, or: the barn-door, Stoutly flruu his dames betiore : Ott litt'ning how the hounds and horn Chearly route tile flumb'ring morn, From the fide of tome hoar hill, Through the high wood echoing thrill Some time walking not unseen By hedge-row elms, on hillocs green, Right againfl the eastern gate, Where the great fun begins his hate, itob'd in flames,.and amber light, The clouds in thouiand liveries dight, 30 35 40 45 so 55 6o While