Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

460 L YCTID A Se Wafh far away, where'er thy bones are hurl'd, $ Whether beyond the flormy Hebrides, Where thou perhaps under the whelming tide Vifief} the bottom of the monfirous world ; Or whether thou to our rnoift vows deny'd, $leep'11 by the fable of Bellerus old, T60 Where the great vifion of the guarded mount Looks tow'ard Namancos and Bayona's hold ; _Look homeward Angel now, and melt with ruth And, 0 ye Dolphins, waft the haplefs youth, Weep no mere, woful fliepherds, weep no more, For Lyciths your forrow is not dead, 166 Sunk though he be beneath the watry floor ; 12,6 finks the day-flar in the ocean bed, And yet anon repairs his drooping head, And tricks his beams, and with new fpangled ore 170 Flames in the forehead of the morning fky So Lycidas funk low, but mounted high, Through the dear might of him that walled the waves, Where other groves and other fireams along, With net-tar pure his oozy locks he laves, 175 And hears the unexprt give nuptial long, lu the Weft leingdorns meek of joy and love. There entertain him all the Saints above, In folemn troops, and fweet focieties, I. hat fing, and tinging in their glory move, 180 And wipe the tears for ever from his eyes. /slew, Lycidas, the fkiepherds weep no more; henceforth thou art the genius of the fhore, In thy large recompenfe, and (halt be good lo all that wander in that perilous flood. 185 hut; fang the uncouth fwain to th' oaks and rills, 'While the (fin morn went out with fandals gray, Ole, WOW°, the tender flops of various quills, tth eager thought warbling his Doric lay And