Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

LYCID A S. 461. And now the fun had ftretch'd out all the hills, 190 And now was dropt into the wettern bay ; At !ail he role, a_ld twitch'd his mantle blue : To movrow to iea) woods, and paltures new. S ()NNE T S. On the detraction which followed upon my writing certain treatifes. A book was writ of late call'd Tetrachordon, And woven dole, both matter, form and aile ; The Ithjed new : it wailed the town a while, Numb'ring good intelleCts ; now feldom por'd on. Cries the flail- redder, &els us! what a word on s A title page is this ! and fome in file Stand fpelling falfe, while one might walk to Mile- End Green. Why is it harder Sirs than Gordon, Colkitto, or Macdonnel, or Galafp ? Thole rugged narnes to our like mouths grow fleck, That would have made Quintilian (tare and gaff). Thy age, like ours, 0 Soul of Sir John Cheek, Hated not learning worfe than toad or alp, When thou taught'ft Cambridge, and king Edward Qreek, IL 4# When Milton publifh'd his books of Divorce, he was greatly con- demn'd by the Prefbyterian clergy, whole advocate and champion he had been before. He publifhed his Tetrachordon or Expofitions upon the four chief places in Scripture, which treat of marriage or nullities in marriage, in 1645 ; and loon after we may fuppofe he compofed thefe two fonnets, which were firll printed in the edition of 1673, and to which we have prefixed the tide that he himfeif Yas in the IVianufcript.