Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

462 SONNET S. II. On the fame. I did but prompt the age to quit their clogs By the known rules of ancient liberty, When ftrait a barbarous noife environs me Of owls and cuccoos, affes, apes and dogs As when thofe hinds that were transform'd to frogs Rani at Latona's twin-born progeny, Which after held the fun and moon in fee. But this is got by calling pearl to hogs ; That bawl for freedom in their fenfelefs mood, And (till revolt when truth would let them free. 10 Licence they mean' when they cry Liberty ; For who loves that, muft firft be wife and good ; But from that mark how far they rove we fee For all this wafte of wealth, and lots of blood. To the Lord General F A I R F A X. Fairfax, whole name in arms through Europe rings, Filling each mouth with envy or with praife, And all her jealous monarchs with amaze And rumors loud, that daunt remoteft kings, Thy firm unfbaken virtue ever brings 5 Vitory home, though new rebellions raife Their Hydra heads, and the falfe North difplays Her broken league to imp their ferpent wings. 0 yet a nobler tall: awaits thy hand, (For what can war, but endlefs war flit! breed?) 10 Till truth and right from violence be freed, And public faith clear'd from the fbameful brand Of public fraud. In vain doth valor bleed, While avarice and rapine (hare the land. Iv.