Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

o N SEVERAL OCCASIONS., On SHAKESPEAR. 1630. WHAT needs my Shakefpear for his honor'd bones The labor of an age in piled (tones, Or that his hallow'd reliques thould he hid Under a flar-ypointing pyramid ? Dear fon of memory, great heir of fame, 5 What need'fl thou fuch weak witnefs of thy name ? Thou in our wonder and aftonifhment Haft built thyfeif a live-long monument. For whilft to th' fhame of flow-endevoring art Thy eafy numbers flow, and that each heart io Hath from the leaves of thy unvalued book Thofe Delphic lines with deep impreffion took, Then thou our fancy of itfelf bereaving, Dolt make us marble with too much conceiving ; And lb fepulcher'd in fuch pomp dolt lie, 15 That kings for fuch a tomb would with to die. On the new forcers of confcience under the Long PARLIAMENT. Becaufe you have thrown off your Prelate Lord, And with Riff vows renounc'd his Liturgy, To feife the widow'd whore Plurality From them whole-fin ye envied, not abhorr'd, Dare ye for this adjure the civil fword