Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

468 P 0 E M S, &c. To force our confciences that Chrift let free, And ride us with a claflic hierarchy Taught ye by mere A. S. and Rotherford ? Men whole life, learning, faith and pure intent 9 Would have been held in high efteem with Paul, Muft now be nam'd and printed Heretics By fnallow Edwards and Scotch what d'ye call : But we do hope to find out all your tricks, Your plots and packing worie than thole of Trent, That fo the Parliament May with their wholefome and preveLtive (hears i6 Cii you. ph)laCteries, though bank your ears, And fuccour our juft fears, When they fhall read this clearly in your charge, 1N-ew P-cfbyter is but Old Prieft writ large. 20 PARAPHRASE on PSALM CXIV. E N the Weil feed of Terah's faithful fon ,Titer long toil their liberty had won, And paft from Pharian fields to Canaan land, Led by the ftrength of the Almighty's hand, Jehovah's wonders were in Ifrael Chown, 11 s praife and glory was in llrael known. That law the troubled tea, and (hivering fled, And fought to hide his froth-becurled head Low in the earth ; J rdan's clear ftrearns recoil, As a faint hoft that bath receiv'd the foil. In The high, huge-bellied mountains fldp like rams Amongfl their ews,, the little hills like lamlA. Why fled the ocean ? And why fkipt the mountains? Why turned Jordan tow'rd his cryllal fountains ? Shake Earth, and at the prefence be aghaft Of him that ever was, and ay (hall That,glafty floods from rugged rocks can cruet), findmake foist rills from fiery ilint7flones