Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

482 PARADISE REGAIN'D. BooK So fpake th' eternal Father, and all Heaven Admiring flood a fpace, then into hymns Burft forth, and in celeflial meafures mcv'd, 17© Circling the throne and finging, while the hand Sung with the voice, and this the argument. ViCtory' and triumph to the Son of God Now entering his great duel, not of arms, But to vanquifh by wifdom hellifh wiles 175 The Father knows the Son ; therefore fecure Ventures his filial virtue, though untry'd, Againfi whate'er may tempt, whate'er feduce, Allure, or terrify, or undermine. Be fruftrate all ye firatagems of Hell, 113o And devilith machinations come to nought. So they in Heav'n their odes and vigils tun'd Mean while the Son of God, who yet fome days Lodg'd in Bethabara where John baptiz'd, Mufing and much revolving in his breafi, 18s How bell the mighty work he might begin Of Saviour to mankind, and which way firfi Publifh his God-like office now mature, One day forth walk'd alone, the Spirit leading, And his deep thoughts, the better to converfe 190 With folitude, till far from track of men, Thought following thought, and ftep by flep led on, He enter'd now the bord'ring defert wild, And with dark fhades and rocks environ'd round, His holy meditations thus purfu'd. 195 0 what a. multitude of thoughts at once Awaken'd in me fwarm, while I confider What from within I feel myfelf, and hear What from without comes often to my ears, Ill forting with my prefent hate compar'd 1 200 When I was yet a child, no childifh play To me was pleafing ; all my mind was let Serious