Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

Book I. PARADISE REGAIN D. 483 Serious to learn and know, and thence to do What might be public good ; myfelf I thought Born to that end, born to promote all truth, 205 All righteous things : therefore above my years, The law of God I read, and found it fweet, Made it my, whole delight, and in it grew To filch perfection, that ere yet my age Had meafur'd twice fix years, at our great feaft 210 I went into the temple, there to hear The teachers of our law, and to propofe What might improve my knowledge or their own ; And was admir'd by all : yet this not all To which my fpi'rit afpir'd ; victorious deeds 215 Flam'd in my heart, heroic ads, one while To refcue Itrael from the Roman yoke, Then to fubdue and quell o'er all the earth Brute violence and proud tyrannic power, Till truth were freed, and equity rettor'd v2a Yet held it more humane, more heav'nly firft By winning words to conquer willing hearts, And make perfuafion do the work of fear ;' At leall to try, and teach the erring foul Not wilfully mil- doing, but unware 225 Milled ; the flubborn only to lubdue. Thefe growing thoughts my mother foon perceiving By words at times call forth inly rejoic'd, And Paid to me apart, High are thy thoughts 0 Son, but noutith them and let them boar 23c, To what highth facred virtue and true worth Can raife them, though above example high ; By matchlefs deeds exprefs thy matchlefs Sire. For know, thou art no fon of mortal man ; Though men etleem thee low of parentage, 23 Thy father is th' eternal King who rules All Heav'n and Earth, Angels and Sons of men ;