Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

486 PARADISE REGAIN'D BOOK I. Nor tailed human food, nor hunger felt Till thofe days ended, hunger'd then at laft Among wild beafls they at his fight grew mild, 310 Nor fleeping him nor waking harm'd, his walk The fiery ferpent fled, and noxious worm, The lion and fierce tiger glar'd aloof. But now an aged man in rural weeds 314 Following, as feem'd, the quefl of forme (tray ewe, Or wither'd flicks to gather, which might ferve Againft a winter's day when winds blow keen, To warm himwet return'd from field at eve, He law approach, who fiat with curious eye Perus'd him, then with words thus utter'd fpake. 32o Sir, what ill chance hath brought thee to this place So far from path or road of men, who pats In troop or caravan ? for fingle none Datil ever, who return'd, and dropt not here His carcafs, pin'd with hunger and with drouth. 325 I afk the rather, and the more admire, For that to me thou feem'it the man, whom late Our new baptizing Prophet at the ford Of Jordan honor'd fo, and call'd the Son Of God ; I faw and heard, for we fornetimes 33o Who dwell this wild, conftrain'd by want, come forth To town or village nigh (nigheft is far) Where ought we hear, and curious are to hear, What happens new ; fame alto find us out. To whom the Son of God. Who brought me hither, Will bring me hence ; no other guide 1 feek. 336 By miracle he may, reply'd the (wain, What other way I fee not, for we here Live on tough roots and flubs, to thirfi inur'd More than the Camel, and to drink go far, 340 Men to much mifery and hardfhip born ; But if thou be the Son of God, command That