Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

Booxl. PARADISE REGAIN'D. That out of thefe hard Bones be made thee bread, So (halt thou Pave thyfelf and us relieve With food, whereof we wretched feldom tafte. 345 He ended, and the Son of God reply'd. Think'ft thou fuck force in bread ? is it not wrrtten (For I difcern thee other than thou feem'ft) Man lives not by bread only, but each word Proceeding from the mouth of God, who fed 350 Our fathers here with Manna ? in the mount Motes was forty days, nor eat nor drank ; And forty days Elijah without food Wander'd this barren wafte ; the fame I now Why doll thou then fuggeet to me dittruft, 355 Knowing who I am, as I know who thou art ? Whom thus anfwer'd th' Arch-Fiend now undifguis'cl: 'Tis true, I am that Spirit unfortunate, Who leagu'd with millions more in ma] revolt Kept not my happy nation, but was driven 360 With them from blifs to the bottotnlefs deep, Yet to that hideous place not fo confin'd By rigor unconniving, but that oft Leaving my dolorous prifon I enjoy Large liberty to round this globe of earth, 365 Or range in th' air, nor far from the Heav'n of Heav'ns Hath he excluded my refort fometimes. I came among the fons of God, when he Gave up into my hands Uzzean Jib To prove him, and illufirate his high worth ; 370 And when to all his Angels he propos'd To draw the proud king Ahab into fraud That he might fall in Ramoth, they demurring, I undertook that office, and the tongues Of all his flattering prophets glibb'd with lies 375 To his deftrudion, as I had in charge, For what he bids I do though I have loft Much