Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

498 PARADISE REGA IN'D. Boox Much luftre of my native brightnefs, loft To be beloved of God, I have not loft To love, at leaft contemplate and admire 38o What I fee excellent in good, or fair, Or virtuous, I fhould fo have loft all fenfe. What can be then leis in me than defire To fee thee and approach thee, whom I know Declar'd the Son of God, to hear attent 385 Thy wildom, and behold thy Godlike deeds ? Men generally think me much a foe To all mankind : why thould I ? they to me Never did wrong or violence ; by them I loft not what 1 loft, rather by them 390 I gain'd what I have gain'd, and with them dwell Copartner in thefe regions of the world, If not diipofer ; lend them oft my aid, Oft my advice by prefages and figns, And anfwers, oracles, portents and dreams, 395 Whereby they may direct their future life, Envy they fay excites me thus to gain Companions of my mifery and woe. At firft it may be ; but long fence with woe Nearer acquainted, now I feel by proof, 400 That fellowfhip in pain divides no fmart, Nor lightens ought each man's peculiar load. Small confolation then, were man acjoin'd : This wounds me molt (what can it lefs ?) that man, Man fall'n flail be reftor'd, I never more. 405 To whom our Saviour fternly thus reply'd. Defervedly thou griev'ft, compos'd of lies From the beginning, and in lies wilt end ; Who boaft'ft releate from Hell, and leave to come Into the Heav'n of Heav'ns : thou comIt indeed, 410 As a poor miferable captive thrall Comes to the place where he before had fat Among