Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

500 PARADISE REGAIN'D. Booic II, Women, when nothing elfe beguil'd the heart Of wifeit Solomon, and made him build, 170 And made him bow to the Gods of his wives. To whom quick anfwer Satan thus return'd. 13,elial, in much uneven fcale thou weigh'ft Ali others by thyfelf becaute of old Th,u thytelf cluat'dO on w mankind, admiring in Their [-hope, their color, and attretve grace, None are, thou think'fl, but taken with filch toys. Before the flood thou with thy lufty crew, Falfe titled Eons of God, roaming the earth Colt wanton eyes on the daughters of men, 18o And coupled with them, and begot a race. Hive we not leen, or by relation heard, In courts and regal elwmbers how thou hula, lo wood or grove by [miry fountain fide, In va.ley or green, meadow, to way-lay 185 Some beauty rare, Califin, Clymene, Dtiatme, or Semele, Antiopa, 01 Atnym,ne, Syrirx, many more Tao krag, then larft thy (capes on names ador'd, .Apollo, Neptune, Jupiter, or Pan, igo Satir, or Faun, or Sylvan,?? But thefe haunts, Delight not alt 5 among the ions of men, How many have with a fmile made fmall account Of beauty and her lures, eafily foorn'd All her affaults, on worthier things intent I 195 Remember that Pellean conqueror, A youth, how all the beauties of he call 0:ghtly view'd, and [lightly overpafs'd; flow he Ornam'd of Africa difnifs'd In his p,ime youth the fair Iberian maid. 200 r Solcmon, he liv'd at eafe, and full Of honor, wealth, high fare, aim'd not beyond Pibhcr defign than to enjoy his (tate ; Thence