Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

BOOK II. PARADISE REGAIN' D Thence to the bait of women lay expos'd But he whom we attempt is wifer far 205 Than Solomon, of more exalted mind, Made and let wholly on th' accomplithment Of greatea things ; what woman will you find, Though of this age the wonder and the fame, On whom his leifure will vouchlafe an eye 210 Of fond &fire ? or ilv)uld the confident, As fittiog queen ador'd on beauty's throne, Defcend with all her winning charms begirt T' enamour, as the zone of Venus once Wrought that effect on Jove, fo fables tell ; 215 Flow would one look from his majeflic brow Seated as on the-top of virue's hill, afcount'oance her defpis'd, and put to rout All her array ; her female pride deject, Or turn to reverent awe ? for beauty Rands 220 In th' admiration only of weak minds Led captive ; ceafe to' admire, and all her plumes Fall flat and thrink into a trivial toy, At eve/ fudden fighting quite abafh'd : Therefore with manlier objects we mull try 225 His conflancy, with fuch as have more (bow Of word], of honor, glory', and popular praite ; Rocks whereon grealefl men have ofteft wrecla'd ; Or that which only feems to fatisfy Lawful defires of nature, not beyond ; 230 And now I know he hungers where no food Is to be found, in the wide wildernefs ; The reft commit to me, I than let pals No' advantage, and hi ftrength as oft affay. 234. He ceas'd, and heard their grant in loud acclaim ; Then forthwith to him takes a chofen band Of Spirits likeft to himfelf in guile To be at hand, and at his beck appear, 501 If