Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

506 PARADISE REG A IN' D. RooK Said'il thou not that to all thing,s I had right ? And who withholds my pow'r that right to ufe ? 380 Shall I receive by gilt what of my ow When and where likes me belt, I can command ? I can at will, doubt not, as loon as thou, Command at table in this wildernefs, And c11fwilt flights of Angels minittrant 385 Array'd in glory on my cup to' attend : Why fhoulda thou then obtrude this diligence, In vain, where no acceptance it can find ? And with my hunger what haft thou to do ? 'Thy pompous delicacies I contemn, 390 And count thy fpecious gifts no gifts but guiles. To whom thus anfwer'd Satan malecontent. That I have alto pow'r to give thou feeft ; If of that pow'r I bring thee voluntary What I might have beitow'd on whom I pleas'd, 395 And rather opportunely in this place Choie to impart to thy apparent need, Wny thouldit thou not accept it ? but I fee What I can do or offer is fufped ; Of theie others qukkiy will difpofe, 400 Whole pains have earn'd the far fetch'd fpoil.With that Both table and provifion vanith'd quite With found of harpies wings, and talons heard ; Only th' importune Tempter It'll remain'd, And with thefe words his temptati n purfu'd. 405 By hunger, that each other creature tames, Thou art not to- be harrn'd, therefore not mov'd ; Thy temperance invincible betides, For no allurement yields to appetite, And all thy heart is let on high defigns, 410 .High actions ; but wherewith to be atchiev'd ? Great ads require great means of enterprife ; Thou art unknown, unfriended, low of birth, A carpenter thy father known, thyfelf Bred