Milton - PR3550 D77 1777 M2

BOOK IL PARADISE REGAIN'D 507 Bred up in poverty and ftrai's at hdme, 415 Loft in a defert here and hunger-bit : Which way or from what hope doll thou afpie To greatnefs ? whence authority deriv'it ? What followers, what retinue canft thou gain ? Or at thy heels the dizzy multitude, 420 Longer than thou canft feed them on thy colt ? Monty latin2,s honor, friends, concineft; and realins What rais'd Antipater the Edozni,e, And his fin Herod plac'd on juda's throne, 424. (Thy throne) but gold that got him puiffint friends ? Therefore, if at great things thou would'it arrive, Get riches firft, get wealth, and treafure heap, Not cl.a3ult if thou hearken to me ; Riches are mine, fortune is in my hand ; They whom I favor thrive in wealth atnain, 430 While virtue, valor, wildom fit in want. To whom thus JJus patiently reply'd. Yet wealth without there three is impotent To gain dominion, or to keep it gain'd. Witnefs thofe ancient empires of the earth, 435 In highth of ali their flowing wealth diff:dv'd : But men indued with thefo have oft attaiu'd In loweft poverty to highcft deeds; Gideon, and Jephtha, and the fhepherd lad, Whole offspring on the throne of Judah fat 440 So manyages, and (hall yet regain That feat, and reign in itrael withlut end." Among the Heathen, (for thtoughuut the world To me is not unknown what bath been done Worthy' of memorial) canft thou not remember 445 QL.fintius, Fabricius, Curios, Regulus For I efteem thole names of men in poor Who could do mighty things, and could contetr.n Riches though .offer'd from the hand of kings. And what in me teems wanting, but that 1 450 May alto in this poverty as loon Accornouh